Uncle’s Ohana of Flavors

Our classic flavors are always on offer and we we introduce seasonal specials for a limited time throughout the year.

Current classics ~

  • Tangy lilikoi ice cream on old-fashioned sugar cookies
  • Rich north shore coffee ice cream on dark chocolate cookies
  • Double dark chocolate ganache ice cream on dark chocolate cookies
  • Sea salt caramel chocolate swirl ice cream on snickerdoodle cookies
  • Mud Pie ~ Kona coffee ice cream, crushed Oreos®, and fudge on chocolate cookies
  • Creamy vanilla on snickerdoodle cookies with sprinkles
  • Cookies and cream on dark chocolate cookies
  • Chai of the Tiger ~ rich chai ice cream on oatmeal cookies
  • Funky Monkey ~ caramelized apple banana chocolate chip ice cream on chocolate chip cookies
  • Honey macadamia nut ice cream on dark chocolate cookies
  • Honey peanut butter ice cream on chocolate chip cookies
  • Natural mint chocolate chip ice cream on dark chocolate cookies

16 thoughts on “Uncle’s Ohana of Flavors

  1. We had our first uncles ice cream sandwich at waiamea valley and were hooked. We found them at Whole Foods and every Thursday we treat ourselves and get one! They are Great!

  2. My daughter was SO excited trying her first Uncle D’s sandwich today. I’m not sure if I’ll ever get out of the grocery store without being suckered into buying her one now! Such a hit. They really are a yummy treat. Cant wait to try some new flavors.

  3. We had a 5week stay in Oahu and found these amazing ice cream cookies, my favorite is the funky monkey and my husbands is the lemon ginger. Sooo sad they aren’t on the main land. Saint George Utah to be specific!! 😊

    1. Oh, Jolene! Thank you so much for finding us and taking the time to let us know you loved ’em – it’s what keeps us going! One day we’ll be there! Much, aloha, Barbara and Paul 🙂

  4. I treated myself to a North Shore coffee ice cream sandwich today (since it’s my birthday) and it was AMAZING! I’m planning to try the Mud Pie next. Do you have the nutrition facts listed anywhere?

    1. Aloha and happy birthday! And we’re so glad to hear you enjoyed your Uncle’s treat. I am planning on putting the nutritional information up on the website here soon. We have it for the permanent flavors, so that includes coffee. But we don’t have it for the specials, like Mud Pie. Keep an eye out – I hope to have them up in a week or so. Thanks for writing! <3

  5. My husband was in search of shave ice on the way back to our hotel after a long sunny afternoon. We happened upon a little mini freezer full of your deliciousness. He’s a salted caramel man, and I can’t get enough lilikoi when we are in the islands. What an amazing flavor pairing with the sugar cookie! I must have looked like I was enjoying it because a random stranger stopped me on Lewers and asked where I got it, “it looks amazing!” I’m sure she’s hooked now as well.

    1. Aloha, Erica! We loved your wonderful review! I’m so glad you found our sandwiches and loved them – and mahalo for the PR! 😉 Thank you so much for visiting our website and leaving such a great review. I hope you visit Oahu again! Warm aloha, Barbara

  6. Found these ice cream sandwiches at my commissary, loved the lilikoi and north shore coffee flavors, my husband loved the “It’s A Party” one. I started having one every single day as my relief after a long day. Than I found out that Whole Foods sells different flavors, and I found my favorite, honey lavender, and I was in love! These are so delicious and gigantic so you really feel you are getting your money’s worth!

    1. Mahalo, CaitieB, your review made our day! I’m so glad you found our sandwiches and loved them. We put a lot into them and it’s so rewarding when customers notice and appreciate it. This August, the commissaries signed up for our seasonal offerings (yay!), so watch for new flavors to cycle through. Mahalo for taking the time to stop by and let us know you enjoy them. Warm aloha, Barbara

    1. Wow, that’s awesome, MT! I’m so glad you loved it. That flavor is a special one – exclusive for the Honolulu Chip Company – they’ll be happy to know it was a hit. Mahalo for taking the time to visit our site and leave us such a wonderful review! Much aloha, Barbara

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